The starting point for my intermediate exam and the main idea was to adapt production processes and materials that are not used in design yet.

Detonations are mainly used for military purposes. In civil purposes they are also rather meant for destruction than for forming or generating objects.

My idea was to form a chair out of a 4mm strong stainless steel sheet by a directed detonation. The Panton Chair by Verner Panton was an inspiration for my design process.

The experimental series “explosit” that evolved out of this first approach shows results from 33 detonations with two different explosive agents. The bursting charges were placed directly onto the metal.

Dr. Ing. Tobias Loose and Petra Löwe, both detonation professionals, and also the detonation group of the THW Braunschweig supported the project and helped me with the realization.

After a couple of detonations, in which the sheets were placed on metal frames as basis, we decided to form the metal just by the blast wave without any other pressure influence. This was accomplished by resting the metal on thin wires, which burst in the moment of the detonation, giving the sheets the freedom to form only through the explosion.

The presented models show a temporary product. This research on material and form is meant to be the basis to elaborate producing functioning seating furniture in the near future.

Fotos: Christoph Spatschek, Jennifer Gampe, Oskar Klinkhammer, Christian Rall
Film: Niklas Horn, Christian Rall