A beard as a secondary gender attiributes is in addition to its different cultural and religious components a sign for power and an adornment of virility. Contemporaneous to the formation of modern societies different forms of beard-fashion evolved and special styles became a symbol of individuality.
In ancient Egypt the ceremonial- or kings-beard belonged to the pharaonic regalia. Ment is a plaited artificial chin-beard which was tied to the head with strings.
Besides Kings who wore fake beards to separate themselves from the crowd, also Queens, who held the governmental power, were pictured with kings-beards as insignia of power.
In dependence on this sexmixture or rather transformation of the beard as a not only male reserved sign of power I developed a contemporary, beard-related piece of jewellery. The raised pearlbeard in its gender-free/ asexual aesthetics abuts on a beard and a vail, two symbols, whose meaning could hardly be more contrarian and it incarnates the inseparable coalesced sexes.