The wash basin was developed to utilize the strength of bent steel sheet material and to connect modern technologies – as seen for example in the car industry – with the ambiance and style of a traditional bathroom, which is usually dominated by ceramics and fabrics.

Without any further process steps, a steel metal sheet is pressed into shape and folded along the edges. The two bends that are indented, run through the entire surface and give the material its stability. Afterwards the surface is enameled. Carrying the basin, the frame's structure made of steel tubes was inspired by its function: cosmetics and towels take up a large amount of space in regular bathroom situations. Therefore, with this sink, towels can be hung on the various tubes and in the right-side part of the frame, drawers and shelves can be positioned to make room for all the accessories.
An entire bathroom furnishing series can be made based on this steel frame system, making the sink fit right into any bathroom.

Concept and realization in cooperation with Christian Klotz